Memento Mori

by Chronicle

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released December 16, 2016

Guitar / Vocals - Lars Bo Nepper
Guitar / Backing Vocals - Sebastian Skousgaard
Bass / Backing Vocals - Jacob Wammen
Drums - Jari Sielemann Holopainen
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Marco Angioni at Death Island Studio


all rights reserved



Chronicle Frederikshavn, Denmark

Chronicle is a danish metal band, formed in late 2012, and plays a blend of Melodic Death Metal and Thrash.

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Track Name: No Longer Human
Within these walls, is the tale of a soul, his ugly existence, so lifeless and cold.
The look on his face, sends chills down my spine, no emotions present, behind the smile.

Mine has been a life of great shame, I can't even guess to myself, what it must be like, to live the life of a human being.
I have not the slightest clue, as to the extent of my neighbors woes, troubles and grief, the horror they see, more than enough to drive me insane.

And yet, how can it be, they all resist the urge to kill themselves?
I, on the contrary, long for the sweet release of suicide.

Manipulating people, for personal gain, a clown on the outside, a monster within.
And he cares nothing, for your simple ways, no one amongst you, can make him relate.

I can see past your facade, all you cretins are so insincere, all living your life in deceit, lying to each other, without leaving wounds.
You cannot dissuade this perception, I cannot embrace your deception, could I have done so, I would've complied, and not lived in hell every day of my life.

I , I want to die, now more than ever before.
Pain, piled on me, living itself is the source of my sin.

And that my young friend, is how your story ends, lost and forgotten, in your empty shell.
The humans you feared, have cast you aside, a life not worth living, now locked away.
Track Name: My Pandemonium
Surrender now.
I had such a bright future left to see, you took it from me.
So many fucking sleepless nights and heartaches, that no one else could see.
Expectations for me to obey this hypocrisy, shut off my mind and let the air grow stale.
Lust is desired, and greed is admired, my hopes denied.

Hurled headlong from the sky
Into the fires of the dark
My impious war has failed
Yet my spirit still remains, defiance lives in me.

Advent of sin, is where my life began.
I have the power to keep my will unrestrained.
Knowledge to crush your fantasies of paradise.
I survive, here in Tartarus.
And I no longer long for the light of the day.
I am content to live eternally here in hell.

Those who drop their gaze down upon me, see only affliction and my steadfast hate.
So far removed from the slave I used to be, the angel in me has seized to bleed.
Extinguishing the spark of human capacity, see the chaosflames burn the face of the earth.
The flaying of the soul of thine most bellowed child, is my new ambition in life.

Unto my kin I say
We will not despair
The monarch we will slay
The light can never quell, immortal hate.

The falling from grace was a blessing to me, beauty born from tragedy.
It's far beneath me to abstain, as I reign here in my very own domain.
Track Name: Acquiescence
Barely conscious, trudging through life, I'll take over and control your path.
Misery, through conformity, it's the only way that you'll survive.

Dismal humans, don't dare to take control, let me make you all oblivious.
Misery, that's the way it is, you'll live longer if you accept your fate.

To servitude you're bound, clutching chains that hold you down, relinquishing your life, and with that your hearts and minds.
It's easy to speak your lines, and not to say what's on your mind, as long as your here your mine, and I posses your life.

Live in fear, for the peace you hold so dear, and let me rob you of your liberty.
Misery, you belong to me, waiting for the light that never comes.

Those who don't have confidence, or the willpower to resist.
You're but gears in my machine, and I'll dispose of you at will.

Cling unto me, I'll never set you free, in my evil ministry, I control the will of the weak.
Track Name: Derelict
So vile, these callous tongues that lie, unfold the web of thoughts, and see what truly lies behind.
Beyond the thinnest doors, a mockery ensues, clandestine works of fear, shall be cruelly illuminated.

Human vultures, prey upon the meek, all honesty is gone, and no one cares anymore.
I watch with tired eyes, this world becomes undone, by all these filthy liars only wanting for more.

It is now so clear to me you care for nothing but yourself. So much time spent ignoring the scavengers looming overhead.
So point your fingers at the ones that can't resist, claim your sacrifice. Show the world that what you truly want is for us, to externalize our pain.

No chances for admission to corrupt society. Fenced off from the outside world, while all you fuckers spit and laugh.
Rejected and forgotten, left to die in a living hell.
So where is this human kindness, on which we all so pride ourselves?
Track Name: The Law Of Retribution
The time is nearing now, for me to taste your blood.
Give in to my desires, and start turning your insides out.
This thing is not forgiveness, that I give unto you.
Death to me is no mistake, for I'm still yet to hate.

I see you writhe I hear you cry, and I want you to know, that it gives me such delight.
And in the night I'm still here, I'm always by your side.
I watch your eyes turn white, as I stab you a hundred fucking times.

The law of retribution. X3

And as your whimpers, turn into cries.
My mind recoils in pleasure, I'm lost in ecstasy.
The pure white of your sheets, now stained with blood.
Paints such a perfect picture, of your inner self.

Your life is over now, your time is up.
Your pain becomes my pleasure, and how I love you for it.
The motions mesmerizing, they spread your entrails out.
My name carved into your chest, with the blade that hungers for your flesh.

Whispering your name one last time, as I caress you skin.
My love for you returns, as your blood splatters me.
And we're together now, I enter your embrace.
My lust will not recede, till I've tasted every part of you.

I feel your tendons pulling, I touch your bleeding heart.
Your organs all torn open, your veins I've suckled dry.
Your spinal cord removed, your tongue I have cut out.
Sweet pinnacle of my obsession, through my knife I love you.

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